29 July 2010


You know those guys who forget their wedding anniversary and then scramble to redeem themselves with last-minute hysterics that backfire? And you don't feel any sympathy for them because if the goomba would have written the date down on a calendar, he wouldn't be in this fix? We all know one of these, right? One of my friends accidentally bought his wife a sympathy card for their anniversary because he sent one of his employees, who was barely literate, to pick up the card. (Talk about doing it yourself if you want to get anything done right . . . )

My point is, I am like one of those deadbeat significant others. But my case of mind-numbingly stupid forgetfulness was toward my blog. We had our one year anniversary here on Blogger on July 17th and I totally forgot! Well, I didn't entirely forget. About a week beforehand, I had a nice blog post devised in my head in which I would discuss my year here on blogger and have a an e-party with my dear followers. But I forgot all about it until today! I felt like a failed blogger, but I can't let this occasion pass by! So . . . I decided that I would celebrate my 1 year and 12 day anniversary on Blogger! Yeehaw!

Just 377 days ago, I had one blog, one blog post, and no followers. Now, I have two blogs--and am a contributor to another (Penguins, I will write a chapter! I promise! I have just been busier than I had planned!), 91 posts, and over forty followers. When I first started blogging, I didn't think anyone would ever read what i was writing. I assumed it'd be like talking to myself online, which I do in real life all the time. But you, my wonderful followers, have prevented that from happening. Thanks for putting up with me on a weekly basis, both here and on my book blog.

I had planned on having a vlog up for my blogiversary, but seeing as I missed the original blogiversary , I suppose it is only fitting that I do not have a vlog for you. I shall vlog! I really will. Scott tagged me to do a vlog and with his and Feathery's superb tech support, I will do one as soon as possible. (Time is a factor.) But until then, I figured that you guys are sick of that picture I always use for my profile. That's my high school graduation picture . . . which was taken two years after I graduated high school, though I was home schooled and didn't technically graduate high school and, in fact, hold a GED, instead. Yep, that picture.

Today, my library had a party for all of the kids who attended our summer program and, in addition to getting 6 hours of overtime, I also came away with a delightful frog balloon I named Leonard. So here's a pic of Leonard; my fearsome attack Chihuahua, Tuco Benedicto Pacifico Juan Maria Ramirez; and myself.

There on the left is my fearless trusty fido, my cute frog balloon is to the right, and, erm, that's me in the center wearing one of my library shirts. Just ignore my crazy hair--it got trimmed this week--and the acne, okay?

Now that we're past the formalities, let us partake in e-cookies and e-cake. :D

P.S. If you can guess what movie I got my Chihuahua's name from, I will mention you on my next blog . . . and use lots of exclamation points to do so. ^^


  1. Grr, Zella! Hurry up and write a chapter! Nah, I'm kidding, I've haven't blogged in ages so I can't get cranky at anyone.

    I do know what movie your dogs name is from but I may have cheated a little. Does is still count? Am I allowed to say it out loud or will that ruin it for other guessers? Maybe the initials then: G,B&U.

    Happy Blogiversary!

  2. Thanks! :)

    Oh, Penguins, thou art most merciful! Thanks for being understanding! I discovered that getting ready for school entailed more time than I had anticipated . . .

    And you are correct. I appreciate your being a good sport about not giving it away, so I'll give you a mention next week, too. :)

  3. Happy Blogiversary!
    :) :) :) :) :)
    I don't know what movie your Chihuahua's name is from...but it's definitely an interesting name!
    You post more often than me! I'M WORKING ON MY NEXT WIS, I AM, I AM!!! *ahem* Yeah...so...
    I know I said that already, but...uh...*cough*
    That is all.

  4. Happy Blogiversary! *throws confetti*

  5. I know what you mean about getting ready for school. I start university in a week and it has been pure Hell to organize. I hope you write some of the story soon, though. I can't wait to see what you come up with. :)

  6. YAYYY, Happy Belated Blogiversary! :)
    I love that word, belated. It saves you from saying the sentence, "even though it was technically a few days ago", in all sorts of situations, you just have to tack on the word "belated" instead. :)

    Awwwwwwwwww your chihuahua is ADORABLE! Absolutely cute. :D Also, Leonard seems the perfect name for that frog.I had an inflatable dolphin once which I would set free in the waves when we went to the beach, but I think it sprung an air leak.

    I tried filming a vid of my frogs the other day, but they didn't actually DO anything the whole time, they just sat there, which was highly boring. I shall have to figure out how to film them for an hour then speed it up, so you can actually see them move a bit. :D

  7. @Sana: Thanks! I love my Chi's name, though my brother always rolls his eyes when I say it. Heathen brother. (I am tempted to tell what movie it is right now, but I'll maintain silence until next week.) I can't wait for your next story! :)

    @Emma: Thanks! I forgot all about confetti. Smart thinking. :) *joins Emma in throwing confetti*

    @Penguins: Good luck with university! I more than empathize about the preparation. I'll try to get something written next week. :)

    @Feathery: Thanks! "Belated" is a handy word that is good for all occasions. :D And thanks for complimenting my Chihuahua! I'll see if I can post some more pictures of him later. (Maybe one without Leonard. He's not a big fan of anything that he perceives as competition, even if it is an inanimate amphibian.) Glad you like Leonard's name. :D Remember how I said I was a big Vincent D'Onofrio fan a couple of weeks ago? Leonard was his character's name in a movie. Good heavens! I name all of my pets--both real and fake--after movie characters! :D I can't wait to see your frogs! What did you decide to name them? :)

  8. Kudos, Zella! My blogoversary is coming up to...but I haven't done nearly as well as you have. One year, 27 followers and 56 posts. Dang. I just realized that. I need to switch to salesman mode and grab more followers. Anyway, kudos again, Zella, and keep up the good work.

  9. Happy Blogoversary, Zella! I'm so sorry I haven't been following you lately. What with vacation, the only online time I have has not been on blogger. :(
    Great pic! Glad you decided to post one. I was getting a little tired of the one from your graduation. :D

  10. I finally named my frogs Thing Ketone the 1st and Thing Aldehyde the 2nd, which was a mix of my two favorite names. If they could speak I think they would dispute their strange, confusing names, but luckily they can't.

    Also, I second Scott's sentiment about the new photo. I haven't had my graduation photo taken yet. x) I suppose I'd better do that at some point.

  11. @Spammy: Thanks! You've done quite well with your blog! 27 followers and 56 posts is excellent! :)

    @Scott: Thanks! No problem! (I know you've been really busy.) Glad you like the picture. I have had that graduation photo up almost a year, too, so I imagine you guys are a little tired of it! I am slowly getting over some of my online paranoia. :D

    @Feathery: I love those names! Just the right touch of science and the right touch of delightful absurdism. :D Thanks! My graduation photo was taken two years after I graduated, but I wish I would have had it taken that year. Do you know a good photo studio in your area that can do one?

  12. Zella, Happy Blogoversary! Now that you mention it, I absolutely neglected mine (5/28/09), so I will need to make up for it next year.

    Please do not feel ashamed for your library t-shirt, as I wear my many club shirts during the summer on a daily basis. As nerds we must exhibit pride in our intellectual apparel!

  13. Thanks, Genius! Happy Blogiversary to you, too! *throws confetti*

    LOL Yes, one must proudly display one's nerd loyalty. I'm not really ashamed of my library shirts, but I'm a bit self-conscious about posting pics of myself on the internet. I'm slowly getting over that, though. :)

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  16. Deleted previous post for typos and reposting:

    OMG! Seriously? Your dog's name is Tuco? I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE The Good, The Bad and The Ugly! I've seen that movie more times than any other since I was a kid hooked on westerns and madly in love with Clint Eastwood! I still think he's pretty hot. And I loved every role I happened to catch Eli Wallach in ever since then. Not so much Lee Van Cleef. Either his later roles were too cheesy or I subconsciously never forgave him for being so BAD. Anyway, happy blogiversary! Congrats on the growth and popularity of your blogs. Your passions for them really shows.

  17. happy belated blogaversary *brings e-cake and cookies*

    and that's a cute frog balloon :) I wish I had one...

  18. @Sky: Yay! A fellow Clint fan! Yes, I named my Chihuahua after Eli Wallach's character in The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly. You are the official winner of my unofficial guessing game. (I just adore that movie, too! I love Leone's movies, I love Clint, and I love Wallach, so it just works perfectly. Van Cleef is one creepy dude. I did like him in For a Few More Dollars, but that's all I've ever seen him in.) Thanks! I've really enjoyed your blog. Keep up the good work! :)

    @Amarantha: Thank you very much! Here, have a frog balloon. They are quite adorable. *hands Amarantha a frog balloon* :)