21 January 2011

The Fair Dinkum Award

Liz Davis over at Novel Moments was kind enough to tag me with the Fair Dinkum (aka Good Buddies award) with the instructions to tell five things about myself and then pass the award on to five other bloggers. Thanks so much, Liz! :)

So, without further adieu, here are five things you may not know about me:

1. My favorite punctuation mark is the apostrophe. I'm a punctuation nerd, so I think all punctuation marks are worthy souls deserving of our friendship, but there's something about the apostrophe that I especially appreciate. Maybe it's the fact that the poor darling is sometimes so maliciously abused. *hugs apostrophes*
2. I am currently obsessed with the English folk rock band Mumford and Sons. *looks at Scott, who started this whole obsession* My favorite song is a tie between "Thistles and Weed" and "Dustbowl Dance," which has Steinbeck references. How can I not love a band that features Steinbeck references in their lyrics?!
3. I am studying English and history at college and considering adding a minor in writing. (I already have to take three of the classes required for said minor to be an English major, so why not just take three more classes and get a nifty minor out of it?) The two historical periods I am most fascinated with are the Russian Revolution of 1917 and Nazi Germany. However, I can't make up my mind whether my favorite literary period is 19th century Gothic or 20th century modernism. I need to make up my mind before graduate school, though I am leaning a bit more toward modernism just because it fits my historical period of interest.

4. I am severely obsessive compulsive. I am one of those people who walks back to make sure her car or home door is locked several times before being satisfied, though I recognize that if it was locked the first time, it will not magically unlock itself. My mind can be a silly thing. :P

5. I don't have a favorite book or movie. I know that not having a favorite book sounds terrible for an English major, but I just can't pick one. Maybe if we went by author or genre, I could start a list of favorites. But picking an absolute favorite? That's nigh impossible. Oddly, I don't have that problem with music. Pink Floyd is favorite band, hands-down. *is a fickle child*

My nominees:

Congratulations! :)

03 January 2011


*peers around blog, looking for any visitors*

Greetings, dearest blog followers! My apologies for deserting you. *sniffle* I missed all of you, but the last couple of months were quite busy as I fought off ninjas, dragons, and flying monkeys. What? You don't believe my battle stories? Be that way. We'll see who comes to your rescue when a horde of ninjas, dragons, and flying monkeys beset you. I was also battling finals and essays. All in the day's work of a nerd ninja. *flexes nerd muscles*

Anywho, I intend to resume blogging regularly, at least the best that I can, and I decided the best return would be to update you guys on what's been going on lately.

Soooo . . . on the news front:
1. After this week, I will no longer be employed in the cafeteria. I am transferring to the college writing center in which I will read other students' essays and help them revise their work. This was the job I wanted and I was shocked when I ended up getting it after only one semester. Anyway, I will miss my friends in the cafeteria, but I am looking forward to working with fellow nerds in the writing center.

2. I have a new roommate. You know how movies about college always portray new roommates as being best friends forever or as mortal enemies? Well, they leave out a third category of roommate: the one in which both of you have nothing in common and ignore each other the whole semester. This happened with my last roommate. It was nothing personal--we never fought or anything--but we just did not click. My new roommate is my former next door neighbor, soon-to-be-former cafeteria coworker, and current nerdy friend. We're not nerd twins like dear Feathery and I are--my roommate's a computer science major--but we're both quirky, socially awkward introverts who have a lot in common plus our own individual interests, and I think that's why we get along so well. I have a feeling that Elizabeth, my new roomie, will be figuring into a lot of my subsequent blog posts because we have a tendency to have nerdy adventures together. I figured I'd go ahead and introduce her. :D

3. Next semester I am taking five English classes and one general ed class. I hope this courseload does not kill me. At least I will have lots of reading material . . . :D

4. I am now an official member of Sigma Tau Delta, the English honors society. *nerd dance* I also heard rumors that I might be the club secretary next semester, but I haven't heard anything official. ^^

So . . . What have you guys been up to lately? :D