25 June 2012

Long Overdue Update!

So . . . I haven't posted on here for nearly a year. I know. I know. I'm really sorry. It's just that I have been busy. Between school and work and developing a social life, I haven't had time for Blogger. However, I am free for the summer and I hope to post some until I return to school again. Until then, a quick update:

Things That Stayed The Same:

* I still work in the library and the writing center.

* I still have the same delightfully quirky computer science major roommate. Hard to believe someone would agree to live with me for four semesters in a row, but who am I to question that?

* Um, that's really all I can think of that's relevant. . . .

Things That Have Changed:

* I now only have one more year before I earn my bachelor's in history and English with a minor in rhetoric (glorified minor in writing.) Yay, I think? Actually, I am only 1 class away from my English degree and 1 away from the minor. It's the history classes I am way behind on. I need at least 4 more. That and I lack 1 more gen ed class.

* On that note, I had an interesting assortment of classes last year, including 2 semesters of German (Sprechen Sie deutsche? Nicht so gut.), creative writing classes (Oh my you meet strange people in those classes. No, not always good strange though you get those too), 19th Century American Lit (best class ever even though the reading list was weak), Romantic and Victorian class (good reading list but better class discussions), American Civil War (history geekiness!), American Civil Rights Movement (awesome class!), Literary Criticism (geeky funny), Russian history (more geeky fun), Nazi Germany (Most disturbing class ever. It gave me nightmares. No, I'm not kidding. We all had nightmares, prof included. *shudder*)

* I'm looking forward to my classes next semester: Brit Lit I (the last one I need for my English degree!), Irish Literature (so looking forward to the reading list), Shakespeare's Tragedies (ditto for the reading list), French Revolution (supposed to be hard but good), Colonial America (should be good), and a directed readings class in 20th Century European history. I got to write the syllabus, so I structured it to focus on fascism and communism.

* I'm starting that whole grad school application process thing. Well, that's an exaggeration. I'm thinking about the whole grad school application process thing, but that's on hiatus until I take the GRE so that I have scores for the applications (More on that next.) As of right now, I'm applying to a few M.A. programs in literature, hoping to study modernist and postmodernist literature. *fingers crossed*

* I'm studying for the GRE, which I take in less than two weeks. I hate the GRE. I hate the GRE. I hate the GRE. Did I mention I hate the GRE? In fairness to the GRE, I most specifically hate the math section of the GRE. Go die in a hole, you foul thing!

So. . . . how are you guys doing? I've missed all of you! Catch me up! :)


  1. Loved reading this update. Congrats on having one year left! Your classes sounds so interesting...I wish I would've had the guts to go for a English/History/Lit degree. At the time I started college (years ago) I was very unsure of my writing...So I took the easy route and majored in Criminal Justice, Accounting, and Legal...

    I look forward to reading your posts to come.

  2. Thanks so much, Christina! :)

    I have enjoyed my classes, though I do sometimes second-guess doing a double major. (Usually at the very end of the semesters. :D )

    Wow, is that a triple major? Kudos to you! Especially with accounting. (The very thought of math makes me tremble with fear.) With Legal, was that like pre-law? I started out as a prelaw major and ended up chickening out--I don't have the personality to be a lawyer--but I still find it so very interesting.

  3. I've only got a year left too! The Australian and American systems are very different. However, when I finish I want to postgrad in Education so that will be another two years. Your classes sound so interesting! I wish we had those here! I'm about to go away on a heritage field school to a monastery with my classes though, so that's kind of cool.
    We've missed you on twitter! I hope to hear more from you now!

  4. Penguins! :)

    That's so awesome! It's been awhile since I asked you this, but what classes are you taking next semester? Your field trip sounds so cool!

    I've missed you guys too. I definitely plan to hang out there this summer. Here's hoping this semester will be a lot less stressful and I can keep posting even after I go back to school. :)

  5. Next semester I'll take Indigenous Societies and Heritage, World Heritage, and Archaeology of Australia, and something else. I haven't decided on it yet.
    My last semester I'll have to do work placement and some architectural course but that's it. I only need to do six more classes to graduate.

  6. Oooh those sound fun! :)

    After next semester, I lack four classes (WWI Seminar; History Portfolio--I have to assemble a portfolio of my stuff, have no idea why I need a class devoted to it; Creative Writing: Nonfiction; and a gen ed class in ethics my college requires). I may take an elective lit and history class, but that depends on how lazy I feel when I register. :P