11 August 2010

Brain Vomit

Okay, I am going to start by apologizing to any and everyone who is subjected to this post! I was going to blog on a new addition to my nerd collection. However, doing a proper post like that takes me a few drafts and a couple of days and I just now sat down to type up my blog post. So you poor souls are going to be subjected to Zella's projectile brain vomit. You poor things. *shakes head in a grandmotherly fashion*

To start off this subconscious ramble, I am going to attend to two matters that I have forgotten in my last posts--and one of them was triggered by my use of the word "grandmotherly". I'm sure you guys remember my blog that detailed my transformation from a pathetic nerd to an angry granny at the sight of Bratz dolls. My good friend Sana has drawn a quite accurate and very scary portrait of this scene on her own blog. I encourage you to have a look at it. ^^

Also, remember my guessing contest a couple of weeks ago where I had you guys guess what movie I took the name of my dog, Tuco Benedicto Pacifico Juan Maria Ramirez, from? I had someone get the answer right and totally forgot all about it! Argggghhhhhh! I am an idiot! Sky correctly stated that I got the name from the classic spaghetti western The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly. Tuco is a rather colorful bandit played by the great Eli Wallach. During a hanging scene, Tuco has all of his crimes read to him and his full name is stated then. If you have never watched that movie, you simply must see it. Sergio Leone directing Clint Eastwood and Eli Wallach and Lee Van Cleef in a tale of three bad outlaws in a search for gold. Can it get any better than this? NOOOOOO! See it now! *attempts to stop being hyper*

I promised to mention Sky's name because she did know the answer--and is a fellow fan of the movie--and I neglected to do so. I am terribly sorry about that, but I am rectifying that as of now! SKY WON MY GUESSING CONTEST!!!!!!!!!!! And Penguins garners an honorable mention for posting the initials but not giving away the movie's title.

I usually am not quite that forgetful, but I have been extremely scatter-brained lately. That always happens when I am stressed out. I go completely bonkers. Just yesterday, I was at work and I had a handful of movies to file away. Just then a long time patron who always checks out books--and never movies--came up to the desk to check her latest reads out. Idiot me scanned the movies I had just checked in and checked them out to her! She stared at me with a highly alarmed expression until I realized what I had done. Then I apologized profusely and took the movies off of her account and checked her books out to her. After that I went to the bank I have had an account at for thirteen years and forgot my account number when I withdrew money. I have never once forgotten my bank account number! I felt like such a world class goober. Afterwards, I sat in my car and stared into outer space for a long, long time.

That did not help because I kept having horrifying flashbacks of my drive to work in which the large selection of library books I was returning turned on me and attacked me! I have never ever in all of my years of reading been attacked by a book! But it happened Tuesday morning on what seemed like a perfectly normal morning. I sat my stack of about 14 books on my seat next to me and backed out of my driveway. As I was doing so, without provocation and with absolutely no warning, the books began jumping out of the seat and hurling themselves in a highly threatening manner. Douglas Adams' The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy flung itself at me and landed just centimeters away from a very terrified Zella. Jim Thompson's The Killer Inside Me launched a vicious assault on my gear shifter and was aided with shocking bloodthirstiness by Cormac McCarthy's Blood Meridian and Deborah Blum's The Poisoner's Handbook. Not all of my soon to be returned books attacked. Laurie Halse Anderson's Fever, 1793 must have been on the sluggish side--no doubt due to the yellow fever--for it chose to slide to the other side of the seat and fall, wedging it between the seat and my passenger door. Several other innocent books followed its lead and took shelter. Meanwhile, I screamed like a little girl and swerved, narrowly avoiding driving off of the road. It was an outrage! Imagine a world where one is attacked by books! Unthinkable. But it happened to me yesterday. *backs into corner, wary of the next literary barrage*

Today has been much more quiet. I have been packing clothes to take to college with me and dividing them into various piles: take with me so I look like a functioning person at school and work, take with me so I can have something to wear when I feel like being a slob, take with me so I will not look like a complete fashion disaster for halfway formal occasions, not take with me but still keep because I just loved that shirt when I was fifteen, didn't know I had but will take with me because I like it, didn't know I had and not taking but not bad enough to give away--I need something to wear when I am home!, relatively nice stuff I need to give away so someone will wear it, and stuff that I am not in any way taking with me and never will wear but cannot bring myself to give to someone else--either due to sentimental attachment or the fact that I would never ever torture another person with said garment. One such item is a denim dress that looks like something a 1960s era Russian cosmonaut would wear in a sadly misguided attempt to re-enact a Western. Weirdly enough, the couple of times I wore it, everyone told me it was lovely. I don't think so! That is not going to school with me. I deny all knowledge of that dress. So will you. *glare*


Okay, I think you guys have suffered through all of the brain vomit you can handle at the moment. As many of you who also follow my book blog already know, I am going to be taking a vacation from blogger for the next few weeks. I intend to resume blogging in early September, but I have to leave for a one week long college orientation in exactly 31.5 hours and my internet time will be limited. After that, I will be at a new college, with a new job, living in a dorm, which is a first for me. I am excited--for the most part--but I think it's best that I get adjusted without having to worry about posting two blog posts a week. Unfortunately, because I will have very limited online time, you probably will not be seeing me much of anywhere for at least the next week. Not on Blogger or Sparklife or Critique Circle or Facebook or Twitter or any other website I frequent. I will try to keep up with PMs and email, but I may be a little delayed in getting to those. Sorry! I am going to miss all of you, but I look forward to coming back ASAP! :)


  1. What lovely vomit, Zella. You even called Sky a she. ;) Hehehe.
    Anyway, we'll miss you!

  2. *bows* Thank you! Thank you very much!

    You're thinking of Sparknotes Sky. I'm talking about CC Sky. :)

    I'll miss you guys, too! But hopefully it will just be for a couple of weeks! :)

  3. really? there's another Sky? hmm, so THATS why everyone calls me squirrel instead of Sky...

    and speaking of staring into outer space, the Perseid Meteor Showers are tonight and tomorrow night!!! If you can find a little while, go outside and look up!! You can probably see a streak or two every minute or so. I wrote a bit about that on my blog today. I <3 astronomy. :D

    Make a wish on a star. Maybe it'll help with college. In the meantime, good luck!!! Feathers and I start our college stuff in a few weeks too. Scary times...

  4. Enjoy your college orientation and vacationish from most things internet. :)

  5. Yay! I got mentioned! :)
    I'd really like to draw that attack by books that you went through? Do you mind if I do so? :D
    I'll miss you! :( But enjoy your "vacation." :)

  6. I had no idea that was a contest. I second the recommendation for The Good, The Bad and The Ugly. Especially if you can watch the uncut version with all the Civil War scenes. Truly spectacular filmmaking. BTW, I just saw Eli Wallach looking amazing in The Ghost Writer.

    Best of luck to you at your new school. I'll miss you! :)

  7. That was very un-vomit like brain vomit Zella dear, it was not in the least bit unpleasant. :D

    AAAAHHH for book attacks! Luckily my library books don't feel the need to attack me, they sit quietly on the seat waiting to be returned, but I was once attacked by my ice skate bag, luckily the skates were ~in~ the bag.

    Best of luck settling in at college! I'm sure everything will go fine. If not, just remember you can make a funny blog post about what doesn't. x)

  8. Thanks, everyone! (And sorry for just now getting to read the comments.) :)

    @Sky417: Nooo! I hate that I didn't get a chance to read your comment that night, because I love astronomy too! Did you get to see the meteors? :)

    @Jean: Thanks!

    @Sana: Hehe I would love to see a drawing of that! Go for it! :)

    @Sky: Yep, you did win! And I definitely recommend the uncut version, too. I got that for my 18th birthday! :D

    @Feathery: Eeeep! That skate attack sounds horrific! Inanimate objects are rising against us! We must do something! :O