05 April 2010

I Have Fallen In Love...

Like most infatuations, this one took me completely by surprise. One minute I was minding my own business, skipping through life without a care in the world; the next I was online stalking my newest obsession. (Not that I do this frequently... *cough*) And what is this object of affection? Who is this charming stranger who has captured my heart? What? You think it's a guy? Pshaw! I'm talking about guinea pigs!

You see...my good friend Scott and I recently stumbled upon the topic of guinea pigs while chatting with each other. It's a long story, but he asked me to be a guinea pig by answering a question. I agreed, then looked the little rodents up on the internet as fodder for future sarcasm. ^^ And while I was scrolling through a Wikipedia article, I saw this:

Is that not the most adorable guinea pig you've ever laid eyes on? Just look at him ...or her! That gorgeous hair! That cute little chin! That, erm, mysterious little face!

So I spent the next couple of hours staring at guinea pig pictures and reading about guinea pigs, rather than searching an online database for material on a John Donne project, which is saying something because I adore John Donne.

I discovered that guinea pigs are low maintenance pets that are affectionate and fairly even-tempered (which reassures me, after the traumatic experience I had as a toddler with a vicious hamster named Boo-boo. Evil Boo-boo...). And did I mention they were cute? And come in long-haired varieties that put most Pekingese to shame? *skips through blogspot humming and singing about guinea pigs*

I knew that my family would not warm to my new found infatuation, so I had to be stealthy about this. The next morning at breakfast, I looked up from my scrambled eggs and said,

"I want a hairy guinea pig."

My announcement must have been more cryptic than I had intended, for I got no response. That or my grandparents and older brother are used to my, ah, eccentricities and pretended that they didn't hear me. So I repeated myself. My grandma had caught me looking at guinea pigs on the internet the night before, and being an intelligent and perceptive soul, she knew this was inevitable. She sighed and asked me exactly where would I put one and who would take care of it when I was at school and work. I didn't have a valid answer to either question, but I told her that I thought the name Gordon or Glenda would be appropriate, depending on said guinea pig's gender. She muttered some profanity under her breath.

Nobody else was willing to broach the guinea pig topic with me (I can't imagine why), but I have since decided that a more appropriate guinea pig name would be either Brando (after my favorite actor), Moist von Lipwig (from Terry Pratchett's Discworld series), Floyd (after my favorite band, Pink Floyd), or Anton Chigurh (after Javier Bardem's character in No Country for Old Men.)

*sigh* Logical, rational Zella knows that she doesn't need a guinea pig. I have two adorable, spoiled Chihuahuas who hate other pets with a passion. And I am way too busy to care for another pet, even one that is famously easy to care for. And in five months I am moving away to a dorm that only allows fish as pets and will be stuck living there for the next couple of years. I also despise people who buy pets on a whim and then realize they aren't able to care for said pet and punish the pet for it. So I am not getting a guinea pig anytime soon. But emotional, impulsive Zella wants a guinea pig because, because...well, just because...look at them!

So...ever had a guinea pig? Know something I need to know about them? Have an obsession that outside forces are stifling? Have any name suggestions? ^^ Tell me all about it in the comments.


  1. Ah, yes, the walking mops. :D Did you know that in Peru, guinea pigs are served on a platter?

    On second thought, perhaps you didn't want to know that...

  2. LOL That's the perfect name for them, Scott! :D

    Yes, sadly, I did know that. For whatever reason, when I googled guinea pig pictures, I kept getting pics of them on platters. *Not* what I was looking for. :S

    Thanks for commenting and following, Scott! You have been first follower and commentor on both blogs! :D

  3. Those dang things are adorable. I honestly had no idea the first picture was anything other than one of those fake ponytail things women clip onto their hair. Not until you said the ponytail had a face. Upon further examination, I declare that you are correct! It does have a face! Weird.
    I've always been more of a hamster-person, myself. As a kid, I went through many of them (you mean you have to FEED them?). I've been trying to rebuild my karma ever since.

    My kids want birds, lizards, and puppies. We already have a cat (whose fur resembles the ponytail picture quite a bit, actually), but no guinea pigs or hamsters. I have to admit, I'm kind of disappointed. They really are cute.

  4. Hehe Lauren, I couldn't tell what it was either when I first found the picture. I had to enlarge it and was still not sure if it was a guinea pig until a close examination. :D

    We should conspire together to get the guinea pig. If you run interference with my grandparents, I'll see if I can talk your kids into accepting the walking mop, as Scott called the little Peruvian darlings. ^^

  5. Zella, this irrational obsession is extremely uncharacteristic of you! Such an extreme infatuation with guinea pigs should not be tolerated! (My sarcasm hand is raised.)
    But I must admit, they are quite adorable.

  6. Hehe The guinea pigs are sending me subliminal messages and forcing me to fall in love with them. (Sarcasm hand is raised. :D)

    They are so adorable. I just love the little baby one in the last picture. His tiny feet are so cute! :D

    Thanks for commenting and following, Math! :)

  7. Awww those are the sweetest, hairiest (furry would sound better, but it's not fur is it) adorable little creatures! :D
    I know how being emotional and impulsive goes, I wrote the handbook on it.
    When I was 13 I had a similar pet obsession. I, on the other hand, wasn't as rational as you are being. One week when I got my allowance I bought a frog. The ending to this story is not a happy one. RIP Mr. Howie the Frog. And now I have a frog on my conscience, even if it technically wasn't my fault. D:
    Aw you have chihuahuas? So sweet!

  8. Aren't they just the cutest little things? I have sort of gotten ahold of myself, but they are still enticing. *restrains self from running down to pet store for a guinea pig*

    Awww Feathery, I am sorry about your frog.
    :( That's a cute name he had.

    Yes, I have two Chihuahuas. They are pretty cute and sweet themselves. :)

    Thanks so much for following and commenting! :)

  9. Oh my GOODNESS! My sister has had several guinea pigs, and I take care of several at the pet store I volunteer at, but NEVER have I seen such an adorable one as that last picture there!

    I have a chihuahua, too! He's actually quite large for a purebred teacup, but he's my baby! His name is Bear <3

    Anyway, I think you should definitely get a guinea pig! Except for the nocturnal part. And the smell. And the fact that no matter what people say, their bites hurt.

    But other than that, go for it! :D

  10. Hehe Isn't he just the cutest little thing?

    One of my Chis is a teacup. The other is, erm, obese. She's a chunky Chi! But she's really sweet. (She's the spacy one.)

    Ah, thanks for telling me about the dark side of guinea pig ownership. I still want one. I just know I'll be waiting awhile.

    Thanks for following and commenting! :)