11 April 2010

Two Days in the Life of Zella Kate: Part One

I was going to submit this to Sparklife for their "Day in the Life of..." series, but apparently they didn't want anymore. So now you get to read about my schedule here. I adapted this based on two of my days this week. You get my unedited day, even some things I would prefer not to mention... Because I am in college, my Monday-Wednesday-Friday schedule is very different from my Tuesday-Thursday schedule, so I'll have a separate installment for Thursday up as soon as I can.


6 am: I wake up, get dressed in something that sort of matches, run a brush through my hair, eat a half a bowl of Cornflakes (I am not hungry this early), brush my teeth, and wave goodbye to my Chihuahuas as I run out the door. One of my Chis glares at me as I abandon him, the other stares off into outer space.

6:30 am: I pull out of my driveway. I live in the middle of nowhere, so I have a long drive ahead of me. That's why I rely so heavily on music to keep me from falling asleep. I am now currently obsessed with Shinedown's debut album. Yes, I know it's seven years old. Don't judge me.

7:30 am: I pull into my school parking lot. As I look at myself in the rear view mirror, I realize I forgot to clean my glasses. Ewww. When I get out of my car, I run into a very creepy dude who has been annoying me for a couple of days. I consider beating him over the head with my ginormous backpack, but he's really not worth the jail time. I glare at him, instead. This seems to work. I haven't seen him since. ^^ After vanquishing the jerk, I scramble to the library to check my messages and e-mail. I have no messages. Nobody loves me.

8:00 am: Wes. Civ. II.: This is one of my absolute favorite classes. Granted, I am a European history major, but the main reason I love this class is my amazing professor--Dr. Allen. He is an eighty year old retired air force office, but if you think that means he's really stern and stuffy, you are wrong. He's hilarious (in a very politically incorrect manner...) and is one of the best professors I have ever had. I would have killed to make sure I got this class. We aren't doing a lecture today. He gives us a test review for Wednesday. His test are all essay questions, so I take notes and plot which four questions I plan to answer.

9:00 am: Walking and Jogging: I walk across campus to the gym for my PE class. This class bores the crap out of me. I love to walk. I just don't see the point in a class for it. I also dread the psychopathic wacko who has deemed me her "walking buddy". She's snide and condescending. When I walk in the gym, I see she's nowhere to be seen. How thoughtless of her... *sarcasm hand is raised* Just to be sure, I beat a retreat to walk in the great outdoors, to further shield myself.

9:30 am: My thirty minutes are up, so I head back to the school library. Since I don't have a test to worry about, I piddle on the internet.

10:00 am: World Religions: Yay! I love this class so much! One reason is I love studying religions, another is that this is also taught by another of my favorite professors--Mr. Hall. He has a great sense of humor and ensures that his lectures are easy to understand. Right now we're just starting the section on Judaism, which makes me happy, because I am Jewish. After class, I chat with Mr. Hall about horror movies and Judaism. Our conversations are always very random...

11:00 am: General Geology: I don't mind this class, per se. I was going to take chemistry with another professor, who is another of my favorites. That didn't fit my schedule, so I took geology instead. I am not the world's biggest rock fan, but my professor is a nice guy who is very enthusiastic about his subject. His tests are fairly straightforward too. I just dread labs. Rock identification baffles me. Today we just have a lecture over earthquakes. Yay!

12:20 pm: My class is over so I return to the library to briefly check my e-mail and assorted websites. What do you mean I have an online obsession?

12:45 pm: Catching up with my blogger dashboard took longer than anticipated, so I am running a little later than I had hoped. I quickly eat my lunch--turkey sandwich, chips, Hershey's bar, and lemonade.

12:55 pm: I managed to eat without getting anything on my shirt (a small miracle, indeed). I drive off from school and head to work. I need to be there in an hour.

1:45 pm: I drive up at work in one piece after achieving Nascar worthy speeds on the freeway. I need to cash my paycheck from last week, but I don't have time to walk up the street to the bank. Just as well. I never can figure out which way to open the door. I imagine the tellers place bets when they see me coming. "10-1 she'll push rather than pull!" "5-1!" "3-1!"

1:50 pm: I sign in for my shift at the local public library where I work. I have worked here for nearly two years and love my job very much. Today is not too busy. I spend most of it processing new books in, brainstorming ideas for our upcoming summer program with my boss, finding some books on RV travel for a family, and wondering what to dress Harold--our 24 inch porcelain goose mascot--in next. He's still in his Easter bunny outfit. Easter is over. Would it be too early to put him in an Uncle Sam outfit? Hmm...My coworker Darcie and I take Harold's outfits very seriously. He will be the best-dressed goose in the country. I already have his next Halloween costume planned. ^^

5:00 pm: My work day is over, so I wave good-bye to my coworkers and drive home.

5:30 pm: I come home and eat dinner and chat with my family. They ask me how my day was. I ask how their day was.

6:00 pm: After eating, I retreat to my dungeon, I mean, room to study. I have a history test and a geology test, plus I need to read some Kafka for literature. I start with my geology homework.

7:00 pm: I call some of my relatives.

7:15 pm: I return to my homework, which means I start studying for history and then read Kafka's The Metamorphosis. I know I will be quizzed on it tomorrow in literature, so I better have the details fresh in my mind.

9:00 pm: Now that my homework is done, I really want to tear into the Dennis Lehane novel I picked up at the library. Alas, I cannot. I work as a student editor on my college's literary journal, so I have some poems to read for an upcoming meeting. Some of them impress me; some of them, well, do not so impress me. I make notes in the margins about what I like (and do not like) and why.

10:00 pm: All of my homework and school responsibilities are done, so that means I can get on my laptop. Yay! I catch up with my e-mail, write for my blog, and work on a critique of someone else's novel chapter.

12:00 am: I am now sleepy and barely able to keep my eyes open. It is time for me to log off and go to bed.

Part Two will be up next week!

What's a typical Monday like for you? Tell me all about it in the comments! :)


  1. While I normally roll my eyes at the sight of a dressed up goose, I have to admit, the vamp goose is pretty darn funny.

    You're not addicted to the internet, you go a whole three hours without checking it. :)

    In a nutshell, my monday:
    6:50 am - get up and make lunches for husband and children. Get them out the door at various intervals.
    8:00 am - I'm finally alone. I check email, blogs, websites, and work email and phone messages. Barring anything work related that needs my immediate attention, I write or crit for awhile
    10am - I get some work done.
    1pm - Break for lunch, write or crit
    2pm - get groceries for us and mother-in-law
    2:45 - drop off mother-in-law's groceries, put ours away, and get back to work.
    3pm - first child comes home, I smile, nod and continue working
    3:30 - second child comes home, I smile, nod and continue working
    5:30 - husband comes home, I give up working and make dinner.
    6:30 -Boy Scout time for oldest child
    9 pm - make it home from Boy Scouts, get kids to bed, go to writing cave.
    11pm - go to bed.

    I lead such an exciting life. :D

  2. Hehe If we get that outfit for Harold, I am going to rename him Quackula...though geese technically do not quack. ^^

    Wow, Jean, you get a lot done in a Monday! I LOL'd on your description of what you do when your kids come home. :) I assume you work from home?

  3. Yay a peep into Zella's head! This was awesome, Zella. I love the tellers placing bets. :D
    This has inspired me to do one of my own...
    "A Day in the Life of a Scott Free..."

  4. Hehe Glad you enjoyed it, Scott. I'll be posting the second part in a few days.

    What's shameful is I have been going inside this bank since I was a child and the doors still confound me. *deep sigh* They should be clearly labeled!

    I can't wait to see your post! :)

  5. I know what you mean about doors. I don't get along well with doors. They're one of my enemies. Though I don't think they're as bad as stairs. I think stairs are the worst.

  6. Yep, I run a sign and graphics business out of my house, which is why I appear to be online on CC all day. ;)

  7. Emma, Stairs *are* bad, too! It's like whoever builds them thinks they're intended as an obstacle course and not a method of transportation. We should team up and teach the doors and stairs a lesson. ^^ Thanks so much for following and commenting! :)

    Jean, Oh, that's cool! After being homeschooled for years, I wouldn't mind working at home. I kind of miss it. :)

  8. Oooh, I LOVE Harold!

    He looks really cool :D

    Hmm... I'll have to think about doing one of these for my blog...

  9. There is a website for Goose clothes! That's awesome! Harold is amazing!
    But, what do you mean geese don't quack? Geese don't quack, penguins don't quack, everyone has it against me and my beliefs on birds.
    If Scott's also doing a "day in the life of" I might as well. Although all I do is bludge around the house doing the occasional physio exercise.

  10. Kevin: Harold is one cool goose. Glad you like him. :D

    Penguins: My apologies! How thoughtless of me. Geese do quack! I will rename Harold Quackula in your honor. :D I would love to read "A day in the Life of Penguins Quack". :)