25 April 2010

Birthdays and Blogger Tag

How now, gentle readers! And may you be well. And how goes it with me? Methinks it is like a weasel.

Pardon me. I am just really excited! This week my school hosted a Shakespeare festival in honor of the Bard's 446th birthday (April 23rd.) As a tragedy geek, I adore Shakespeare--he is one of my favorite writers--so I was pleased to see all of the fuss being made over him, even if most of my classmates could not care less. Tis tough to be an English major in these wanton times...

At school, we had a sonnet writing contest (I placed second!), a film series (I watched Olivier's Othello, which was wonderful, but I missed Brando's Julius Caesar because I had to work. How soon my sorrow has destroyed my face. :( ), and Friday we had a birthday party for Will, complete with cake and costumed faculty and students roaming the hallways. I didn't have a class that morning, so I spent an hour watching the festivities and, of course, partaking in the cake.

I honored the Bard by watching my friend Daniel masquerade as a peasant while I shouted at him to act like Dennis (He refused. He's oppressing me...); being subjected to the boastings of Falstaff, the ravings of Hamlet, and the proselytizing of Friar Lawrence (as played by my World Lit. professor. My professor being my professor, his sermon was out of one of Nietzsche's works); and sitting next to my friend Boyd as he, contrarion trivia nerd that he is, heckled everyone by pointing out historical anachronisms in their portrayals. I think he was just mad because I am a fellow trivia nerd and guessed the identity of more characters than he did, so he felt that he had to distinguish himself somehow else. *nerd victory dance* Ahem. Anyway, how did you celebrate Will's birthday?

Also, on the Blogger Playgound, which, if it's anything like the playgrounds I frequented in elementary school, means I am the strange girl who walks around talking to herself at recess, I was tagged four times for the Seven Things series.

Penguins tagged me to list seven things that should not exist:
1. Traffic jams
2. High heels
3. Jerks
4. The little fringy things on the edges of notebook paper
5. Comprehensive finals
6. Typos
7. Fake cheese (an utter abomination)

Feathery tagged me to list seven things I wished I could have unlimited amount of:
1. Books
2. Bookshelves
3. Powdered donuts
4. Time
5. Nonfringed college-ruled notebook paper
6. Money to tour Europe to my heart's content
7. Cheese

Sky tagged me to list seven things I do when someone really annoys me:
1. glare
2. roll my eyes
3. If on online forums, lecture them while cramming every SAT word I know into my sentences and snidely pointing out logical fallacies in their argument
4. If driving and being tailgated, slam on my brakes
5. grin
6. stare blankly
7. employ brutal sarcasm

Spammy tagged me to list seven things that I have read in a book that were really awesome:
1. the ending of Rebecca (The whole book is an exercise of brilliant foreshadowing. Tis why it's my favorite.)
2. the ending of Agatha Christie's The Murder of Roger Ackroyd
3. The creature's abandonment speech in Frankenstein, in which he chastises Victor for creating him and then rejecting him. It makes me cry every time I read it...
4. The ending of Of Mice and Men. Another one that makes me sob uncontrollably.
5. Terry Pratchett's Discworld (the whole alternative universe)
6. Faulkner's stream of consciousness technique
7. Poe's "The Raven." I love the alliteration. *poetry geeks out*

I tag Jourdie, Lauren, Serena, and Math is a Plentiful Harvest. I was going to force, I mean, ask the folks I tagged to list their seven favorite Shakespearean plays or characters, but upon noticing my own character list contained Iago and Lady Macbeth (DO NOT JUDGE ME!), I instead task you with naming your favorite fictional villains. Muahahahahaha If I had a highly stylized moustache, I would be twirling it with my finger right now.

And with that, my work here is done. Good night, good night. Parting is such sweet sorrow. :D


  1. Wow, you were tagged several times, thanks for answering Zella! I was also the type to walk around talking to myself on the playground when I was younger. :D
    On Shakespeare's birthday I would have liked to stroll around wearing a 14th century dress while speaking only in sonnets, but alas, I was stuck in my room doing HW all day. :P

  2. Thanks for the tag! I'll be sure to post my 7 fave villains ASAP.
    Now how to tag back... ;-)

  3. Feathers, Yay for fellow self-talkers! :D I hate that homework kept you from celebrating. Would you like some of our cake? (It was great. On the side where they started cutting, it read "Is that a dagger I see?" :D)

    Jourdie, You're more than welcome! I can't wait to see your list. (And thanks for following!) :D

  4. The Shakespeare party sounds like pure fun. :D And good answers to the tags! I'm glad I didn't tag you now, 'cause I see you had MORE than enough. :D

  5. Scott, it was a lot of fun! Hehe It did my heart good to be able to nerd out while in public. :D

    Thanks! I enjoyed coming with the answers. :D

  6. o wow. I'll make sure not to annoy you or drive behind you. :D

  7. I would absolutely love some quote cake. :D *munches*
    And I HATE tailgaters as well.
    The speed limit isn't a "suggested" speed, as most Californians seem to think, it's the LAW! *grumble*

  8. Sky: Hehe As long as you're not tailgating, I won't be passive aggressive. Thanks for following and commenting! :D

    Feathers, Yay for cake! Here, have some more. :D Oy, don't get me started on tailgaters! Grrr... I say we unite into some sort of defense agreement against them. ^^

  9. Lol, I was scrolling through the comments... and noticed an unEarthly amount of these ":D" xD

    Anyway... I COMPLETELY AGREE ABOUT THE FAKE CHEESE!!! Except, right now, it's all I can eat, so I am thanking Godric it exists...

    Hehe, my sister is a MAJOR tailgater. I'm somewhat scared to sit the the front seat while she's driving, in fear that she might rearend someone. Not that it hasn't happened :O

    And I LOVE The Raven!!! ONe of the few poems I've ever been able to memorize! <3

  10. Kevin, I believe there is an :D epidemic. It must be stopped! :D Drat! There's another one. *resists urge to add another*

    Oh no! Why are you be forced to eat fake cheese? That's cruel and unusual. :(

    I love to read "The Raven" when I am feeling down. Weirdly enough, it always makes me feel better. :D